Business Studies at Newtownhamilton High School  
Business Studies is an exciting and enjoyable subject which prepares you to become an effective employee or indeed an entrepreneur. It will help you to appreciate how the world around you functions and how you can contribute to it. 
What will you study? 
Business Studies is a modular subject, so you will sit an exam at the end of Year 11 and a 2nd exam at the end of Year 12. 
Year 11 – Unit 1 (40%) 
• Creating a business 
• Marketing 
• Business Operations 
Year 12 – Unit 2 (40%) 
• Human Resources 
• Business Growth 
• Finance 
Year 12 – Unit 3 (Controlled Assessment) (20%) 
• Business Plan 
You will be examined by end of term tests (internally set by the class teacher) at Christmas in both year 11 and 12. You will also be given a variety of homeworks throughout the year. They may be written, oral, research or presentation. 
There are 2 external assessments - one will be taken at the end of Year 11 and is worth 40% and the other at the end of Year 12 and is worth 40%. You will also have to complete a controlled assessment which is worth 20%. 
All Year 11 and 12 pupils who opt for CCEA GCSE Business Studies study 4 periods per week in the Computer Suite with access to 24 computers. A range of active learning strategies are used in conjunction with online activities. 
Young Enterprise 
We have close links with Young Enterprise and avail of their excellent programmes, including the Entrepreneurship Masterclass. 
Career Possibilities 
Business Studies is an excellent subject to follow as everyone will ultimately end up working in a business or some form of an organisation. A qualification in this subject opens doors for many different areas of employment. 
An enthusiastic Year 11 class were introduced to the subject of Business Studies through an auction. Through bidding for a variety of different products, under different conditions, pupils were introduced to the concepts of pricing, demand, supply, marketing and business ownership. Hannah certainly demonstrated her bidding skills and went home with a few nice products! 
Following on from a very successful and enjoyable visit to Tesco, Newry, Year 12 Business Studies have commenced their Controlled Assessment Task. They are looking forward to the presentation by the Personnel Manager from Tesco as they investigate the different types of recruitment which their company uses and analyse the advantages and disadvantages. We would like to thank Shelagh and her team at Tesco for the tour and for the time they have spent with us so far. 
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