Science at Newtownhamilton High School 
We aim to instil in our pupils a lifelong interest in Science as well as develop skills that they can use throughout life. 
Science lessons are held in our two laboratories: ST1 and M2. 
We follow the Northern Ireland curriculum and all Key Stage 3 pupils have 5 periods of Science per week. 
Topics in Year 8 include:  
Learning to be a scientist  
Life, body systems and cells  
States of matter  
Acids and alkalis  
Solar system 
Topics in Year 9 include:  
Food and Digestion;  
Elements and Compounds 
Light and the EM spectrum 
Microbes and disease 
Topics in Year 10 include:  
Waves and sounds 
Patterns of reactivity 
Elements and Atomic Structure 
Habitat studies 
GCSE Course 
At GCSE, we offer both CCEA Double and Single Award (Modular) courses. New specifications for first teaching from September 2017 will be available soon and more information will follow when we have it. 
Double Award Science 
In Yr 11 Double Award Science, three of the six modules in the specification are assessed through end of module tests (33% of total marks): 
Living Processes and Biodiversity (Biology Unit 1) 
Structures, Trends and Chemical Reactions (Chemistry Unit 1) 
Forces and Motion, Energy, Moments and Radioactivity (Physics Unit 1) 
In Year 12 Double Award Science there will be 3 final examinations in May/June (52% of final marks). Modules studied in Yr 12 are: 
Body Systems, Genetics, Microorganisms and Health (Biology Unit 2) 
Further Chemical Reactions and Organic Chemistry (Chemistry unit 2) 
Waves, Sound and Light, Electricity, The Earth and Universe (physics Unit 2) 
Two pieces of Controlled Assessment will be completed over the 2 years of the course (25% of final marks). 
Single Award Science 
In Yr 11 Single Award Science, pupils will study: 
Unit 2 Chemistry sections A - Chemical Patterns and Our Environment; and B - Materials and their Management. 
and Unit 1 Biology section A - Staying Alive. 
The Unit 2 Chemistry module test is at the end of February in Yr11(25% of final mark). 
In Yr 12 Single Award, pupils will study: 
Unit 1 Biology section B - Human Activity and Health 
and Unit 3 Physics section A - Electricity Waves and Communication; and B - Fossil Fuels, Road Transport and Safety, Radioactivity and Earth in Space. 
The Unit 1 Biology module test (25% of final mark) is in November Yr 12 and the Unit 3 Physics module test (25% of final mark) is at the end of February Yr 12. 
One piece of Controlled Assessment is completed in the two year course (25% of final mark). 
Career Possibilities 
Research (Laboratory) 
Food Technologist 
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