Merit System 
At Newtownhamilton High School, great emphasis is placed on promoting positive behaviour.   The Positive Behaviour Policy provides an agreed course of action amongst teachers, pupils and parents, which promotes effective teaching and learning, and respects the rights of all members of the school community. We believe a healthy balance between sanction and rewards is fundamental and encourage everyone to implement the school Code of Conduct fairly and consistently. 
Our Positive Behaviour Policy encourages positive behaviour through a Merit System.  Pupils will earn merits through good behaviour, which they can cash in to receive various privileges or rewards.  These merits also contribute points to our House System where our 3 houses of Dorsey, Fane and Whitewater compete in various sporting and non sporting competitions throughout the year and the winning house captains are awarded trophies on Prize Night. 
House Captains and Vice-Captains 2017-18 
Gareth Robinson 
Emma-Louise Bailie 
Jake McCartney 
Lucy McIlroy 
Mark Giffin 
Alyson Henry 
Aaron McKee 
Emma Watt 
Kris Cartmill 
Jenna Corkey 
Gavin Henry 
Faith Hughes 
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