22/03/18 - Dragon’s Den 
Year 9 pupils were challenged by our three Dragons as they gave their presentations on their Quick Start Companies. Congratulations to all our companies who have developed their entrepreneurial, communication, team working, financial, creativity and time management skills. As the Dragons put them through their paces with difficult on the spot questions –team members had to think on their feet to recall how their business marketed their products, solved problems and explained financial issues. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our three Dragons: Mrs Cathy Morrison from Young Enterprise Mr Simon Black from SlackPress and Mr Cousins. Our Runner up award was presented to Young Bolts with Grand Designz being chosen as overall winner. A huge congratulations to all the members of Grand Designz who not only won Dragon’s Den but were also the Overall Quickstart winners at Rushmere. 
21/03/18 - Extra Jiving Class 
Back by popular demand for one last week. Week 6 of our Jiving Lessons at Newtownhamilton High School on Tuesday 27th March @ 8pm. 
13/03/18 – Judith & Laura’s Charity Assembly 
Our Monday morning assembly was delivered this week by our Head Girl Judith Leeman and her cousin Laura Nesbitt. Judith bravely spoke about how her younger brother Matthew was involved in a terrible accident in April 2017, which resulted in him sustaining traumatic head injuries when he fell from a trampoline. 
Judith and Laura both explained that Matthew was a patient in the PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) at the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children and that a nurse was at his bedside 24 hours a day in order to monitor his condition. Both girls praised the hospital staff who were always on hand to deal with Matthew’s medical issues. Within 13 days Matthew regained his strength and was discharged. 
To show gratitude towards the PICU for their hard work and dedication, Judith and Laura are having an “Adopt A Square” fundraiser. For £1 pupils, staff and friends can purchase a square to win one of three Easter Egg prizes with squares on sale from the school office and the girls. The draw will take place on Wednesday 28th March. 
Furthermore, the Leeman family are also hosting a Coffee Morning in aid of PICU, which will be held on Saturday 14th April (10am-1pm) in Corkley Orange Hall. 
Principal Neil Megaw stated “Judith and Laura demonstrated incredible bravery in delivering their assembly. I want to encourage everyone who has a connection with Newtownhamilton High School and indeed the Newtownhamilton community to support both girls in this very important fundraising event”. 
13/03/18 - Artist of the Month 
We have two winners for ‘Artist of the Month’ - Michelle Knight in 8x and Faith Belshaw in 8a. 
Both girls produced beautiful pieces of work on old and modern aboriginal Art. Their presentation skills were brilliant and both worked very hard. Well done girls! 
12/03/18 - Madison started the week ‘quids - in’ 
At a recent assembly, Joe Darragh our Education Welfare Officer addressed all pupils regarding the importance of attendance at school. Pupils had the opportunity to see first-hand the impact attendance has on expected GCSE outcomes. 
At Newtownhamilton High we strive to promote and reward good attendance. In assembly this morning, all those pupils who had a full week of attendance from 5th – 9th March and gained their 5 Merit awards, were entered into a surprise draw. 
Madison McKnight started the week ‘quids - in’ as she won the £20 spot prize. Well done Madison! 
We would encourage all parents and pupils to ensure attendance is maintained above 90%. 
05/03/18 - STEM Roadshow 
Year 8 and 9 pupils had the opportunity to explore the world of STEM today with a Big Bang Inspire Me Roadshow delivered by Sentinus. 
The focus of the day was on renewable energy sources and in particular electric powered vehicles. During the session pupils worked in teams of 4 to construct a small vehicle powered by an electric motor and a dynamo. Pupils were challenged to use gear ratios to improve their vehicles performance allowing it to travel at a faster speed or go up an incline. 
All pupils participated well with particular attention paid to the removal of all petrol and diesel engines in the UK by 2040. At present this government commitment does not extend farm machinery or lorries, much to the relief of pupils! A fantastic experience! 
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