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Every Child An Important Child 

Geography at Newtownhamilton High School  

Geography is a vibrant and interactive subject that allows students to prepare for life and work as individuals and contributors to society, the economy and the environment. Geography plays a significant role in helping pupils understand major issues that directly affect their lives and possibly communities. This is an important time and opportunity in pupils’ lives to help them explore their sense of identity and belonging, as well as investigating the world around them and valuing its diversity. 
In Geography lessons, pupils will acquire a wide range of thinking skills and personal capabilities including: Managing Information, Decision-Making, Creativity, Working with Others and Self Management. These skills will be put to good use whilst studying a plethora of physical and human topics, as well as assisting students during fieldtrips. 
Geography Fieldtrips 
Year 8 students complete a microclimate study of the local area in February, helping to promote their fieldwoek and enquiry skills.. This will enable them to investigate the topic of ‘Sustainable Development’ and better prepare for their Unit 2 exam. 
Year 11 students completed a river study in June to help prepare for their forthcoming Unit 3 exam in May 2020. They were investigating the changing features of the Yellow Water River. 
Key Stage 3 Topics 
Year 8 
What is Geography? 
Map Skills 
Weather and Climate 
Farming Today 
Year 9 
Tectonic Activity 
Renewal Energy 
Our Crowded World 
Year 10 
Climate Change 
Trade and Development 
GCSE Assessment Component Content Weighting 
Fieldwork: 20% 
Assessment for this unit requires the student to complete a formal written examination., duration - 1 hour (completed in Year 12). Students must create and submit a word-processed fieldwork statement and table of data. This unit of work will be based on a river study - Yellow Water River, Rostrevor (Fieldtrip—end of Year 11). 
Unit 1: 40% 
Understanding Our World’ is based on Physical Geography and incorporates four themes: (one tier) 
Theme A: River Environments 
Theme B: Coastal Environments 
Theme C: Our Changing Weather and Climate 
Theme D: The Restless Earth 
Unit 2: 40% 
‘Living in Our World’ is based on Human and Environmental Geography and incorporates the following themes: (one tier) 
Theme A: Population and Migration 
Theme B: Changing Urban Areas 
Theme C: Contrasts in World Development 
Theme D: Managing Our Environment 

Career Possibilities 

Geography Teacher 
Travel Agent 
Town Planner 
Weather Presenter 
Refuse Collector 
Lorry Driver 
Tourist Information  
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