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Learning for Life and Work 

Learning for Life and Work at Newtownhamilton High School 

Modern day society presents us with many challenges and opportunities that can at times seem overwhelming. LLW provides pupils with an understanding on thinking through these major decisions and their possible implications. 
As a general concept, Learning for Life and Work is involved in all meaningful experiences in education. As a specific subject area, it provides practical tools to think independently, make informed choices and act responsibly in today’s world. 
Key Stage 3 
At Key Stage 3, LLW is broken down into 4 main areas: 
Education for Employability 
Personal Development 
Home Economics 
The Home Economics element is delivered by the Home Economics department during the 3 periods allocated to all Key stage 3 pupils. The remaining areas of Citizenship, Education for Employability and Personal Development are taught during the 2 timetabled LLW periods per week. 
GCSE LLW is offered as an option for year 11 pupils. Students follow the CCEA GCSE Learning for Life and Work modular course for 4 periods per week. Through studying this specification, students gain knowledge skills and understanding in 4 areas of study: 
Unit 1:  
Local and Global Citizenship 
This unit covers: 
diversity and inclusion; rights and responsibilities; government and civil society; 
democratic institutions; 
democracy and active participation; 
the role of NGOs. 
External Written Examination 20% 1 Hour 
Unit 2:  
Personal Development 
This unit covers: 
personal health and well-being; 
emotions and reactions to life experiences; 
relationships and sexuality; 
personal safety and well-being; 
responsible parenting; 
making informed financial decisions. 
External Written Examination 20% 1 Hour 
Unit 3:  
This unit covers: 
the impact of globalisation on employment; 
preparing for employment; 
rights and responsibilities of employers and employees; 
social responsibility of businesses; 
exploring self-employment; 
personal career management. 
External Written Examination 20% 1 Hour 
Unit 4: Investigation 
(Controlled Assessment Task) You will complete one task from a choice of three. The task involves the following: Planning, Research, Communicating Findings, Self-Evaluation and Presentation of Task. 40% 
Many external agencies are used to support the delivery of Learning for Life and Work through organised activities and events. Examples include: 
Love for Life - Year 8, 11 & 12 
Breakthru Drugs & Alcohol Awareness Programme - Year 11 
Bullying Workshop - Year 8 
Equality Commission - Year 11 
Trip to Stormont - Year 10 
Young Enterprise: 
Your School Your Business - Year 8 
YE9 - Year 9 
Quick Start Business Programme - Year 9 
Learn to Earn - Year 10 
Project Business - Year 10 
Enterprise in Action - Year 11 
Success Skills - Year 11 
Personal Economics - Year 11 
Shared Education Signature Project 
Our shared education programme is continuing to be developed with our new Year 8 pupils and continued into Year 9. They will continue to work collaboratively with Newry High School, St Paul’s High School and St Joseph’s High School on LLW content. Year 8 pupils have enjoyed an induction day at Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre, and will be participating in four workshops throughout the year:- flags & symbols, identity, diversity, and racism delivered with the support of the Youth Service and the PSNI. 
This year our program will branch out to other subject areas including Art, PE and History. The History project will run in conjunction with Polictics in Action. This is an amazing program which will give our Year 11 pupils the opportunity to carry out SWOT analysis on a major issue, argue their point of view with politicians and culminate with three trips to government buildings in Belfast, Dublin and Westminster. 
Year 9 Young Enterprise 
Our Year 9 Quick Start pupils had a very successful day at Young Enterprise Trade Fair held in Rushmere on Friday 8 February. Our four groups have been planning their enterprise, allocating job roles, carrying out market research, sourcing products, promoting their business and finally selling their products to the public. 
A huge congratulations to Crafty Masters who claimed the winning position followed by the runner up Parent’s Paradise. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our business partner, Aine Green from JMW Farms Ltd for all the support and guidance she has provided to our budding entrepreneurs as well as our supportive and encouraging teachers, Mrs Flanagan and Mrs Ferris. 
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