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Physical Education 

Physical Education at Newtownhamilton High School  

The Physical Education department boosts a wide range of activities to stimulate and interest pupils - athletics, badminton, basketball, football, gymnastic, health related fitness, hockey, netball. rugby league, rugby union, tennis, unihoc and volleyball. All pupils will follow a PE programme while pupils in Year 10 will have the opportunity to select the subject as a GCSE option. Year 8 and 9 pupils have 3 periods per week while Year 10-12 pupils have 2 periods. Pupils also have the opportunity to play in school teams against other schools. The school competes in leagues in both Hockey (girls) and football (boys). There are also various friendly games in rugby and netball at stages throughout the year. 
The main aim of the department is to raise the profile of general fitness throughout the school. To do this we encourage the pupils to perform to their maximum ability within the Physical Education lessons, also to try to involve themselves in at least one extra-curricular activity. Directly related to these fundamental issues, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and understand the importance of getting adequate sleep. This will ensure that all pupils in Newtownhamilton High School live a healthy lifestyle and be able to perform to their maximum ability in school. 
Pupils who select GCSE PE as an option choice will cover the CCEA Revised Specification for first award in 2019 (linear). 
Practical element = 50% of the final grade 
Theory element = 50% of the final grade 
Component 1: Factors Underpinning Health and Performance (1h 15min paper) 
Skeletal System 
Physical Health 
Muscular System 
Circulatory System 
Respiratory System 
Digestive System 
Planning for health 
Nervous System 
Social Health 
Mental Health 
Event Management 
Component 2: Developing Performance ( 1h 15min paper) 
Physical Fitness 
Factors underpinning the learning of skills 
Principles of Training 
Methods of Training 
Assessment of Physical Education 
Planning Training Programmes 
Skilled Performance 
Component 3: Individual Performances in Physical Activities and Sports 
This component is worth 50 percent of the total marks. Teachers assess students’ performances and CCEA moderate the assessment. 
In this component, students are provided with many opportunities to work individually and with others to learn and master skills and to develop desirable personal qualities, attitudes and behaviours. They participate, compete and develop performance in their physical activities and/or sports. Students apply and consolidate what they learn in Components 1 and 2. 
In this component, students are assessed on: 
(a) the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of performances in 3 physical activities and sports; 
(b) the quality of analysis and evaluation of performances. 

 Career Possibilities 

Dance Instructor 
Events Management 
Extreme Sports Instructor 
Fitness Professional 
Football Coach 
Health Promotion Officer 
Outdoor Adventure Leader 
Performance Analyst 
PE Teacher 
Skiing Instructor 
Strength & Conditioning Coach 
Travel and Tourism Manager 
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