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Every Child An Important Child 
Newtownhamilton High School 
Every Child An Important Child 
Pastoral Overview 

Pastoral Care 

Pastoral Care is of the utmost importance at Newtownhamilton High School and it forms the foundations of everything we do. Positive relationships are key as we are very aware that a happy child will learn. Through this approach, our pupils develop and learn to their optimum potential and provide opportunity for every pupil to develop into responsible, self-aware, confident, and capable young people equipped to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. We implement a proactive rather than reactive approach and much of what we do can be summed up in the statement, “prevention is better than cure”. 
Vision and Values 
Our school subscribes to the view that every pupil has a right to feel safe and secure on all levels. Through its Pastoral Care the school seeks to develop the intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual development of each pupil. We actively promote a Pastoral Care ethos which leads to every pupil making good choices which will form the basis for a healthy and positive lifestyle. 
Pastoral Care will be the setting where our young people will acquire values and standards on the basis of observing these at work at every level. 
Every child is an important child at Newtownhamilton High School and pupil comments to the ETI (October 2018) confirmed that "they are happy in school". This positive atmosphere is achieved through: 
creating a sense of belonging amongst all strands of our school community 
developing an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring 
creating an explicit Pastoral Care programme which allows for a fair and equitable exchange of views/ideas/attitudes, etc. in an atmosphere of trust 
implementation of a Positive Behaviour Policy that provides an agreed course of action amongst teachers, pupils and parents, which promotes effective teaching and learning, and respects the rights of all members of the school community 
a healthy balance of sanction and rewards 
applying the school Code of Conduct fairly and consistently 
providing opportunities for every person to succeed and to be affirmed in their self-worth 
promoting positive relationships at every level 
working with parents for the mutual benefit of all 
establishing and maintaining links with the wider community 
affirming and actively promoting staff to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and to the pupils in our care 
Excellent relationships foster and develop in an atmosphere of respect. Our school works towards creating opportunities where mutual respect can grow and develop. We aim to create a caring, empathetic and secure environment where our young people can develop good relationships based on those they experience. 

Our Pastoral Care Team 

Mrs A Laverty 
Designated Teacher 
Mr A Cousins 
Deputy Designated Teacher/ 
Vice Principal 
Mr N Megaw 
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